Testosterone Cypionate is a basic testosterone compound that is virtually identical to Testosterone Enanthate. The two are virtually interchangeable with the only notable difference being some people find Enanthate injections sometimes hurt due to the enanthoic acid whereas Cypionate is formed with cypionic acid and is far more comfortable. Even so, you will not find Cypionate to be as commonly available on the U.S. black market; however, Cypionate is one of if not the most common prescribed testosterone in the U.S.

Undeniably the perfect testosterone compound for treating low testosterone or androgen deficiencies such as Andropause, Cypionate is equally perfect for performance enhancement. Without question, Cypionate is a long standing favorite of anabolic steroid users looking to build a bigger and stronger physique; in-fact, for many it is considered essential. Of course, mass and strength is not all this steroid is good for, Cypionate can be very useful in cutting cycles too, and this makes it one of the most valuable anabolic steroids we have at our disposal.


For the off-season athlete, Cypionate has the ability to promote lean muscle gains but more importantly it has the ability to do so with less off-season body fat accumulation. For the dieting athlete, where Cypionate truly shines is in its ability to preserve lean tissue and strength that is often lost when dieting. Further, by its metabolic enhancing properties it will even aid in fat loss itself. Further, bulking or cutting this steroid will increase muscular endurance, enhance the individual’s rate of recovery and simply promote a more effective athlete.

While meeting the two primary purposes of performance enhancement, Cypionate is also the perfect choice to meet your testosterone needs in a cycle if testosterone is not a base steroid in your cycle. As you may or may not understand, anabolic steroids will in most cases suppress your natural testosterone production, and for this reason something must be done. In-order to avoid an extremely unhealthy and potentially problematic low testosterone condition while on cycle, we must provide our body with some form of testosterone exogenously. Cypionate is the perfect choice to meet this need; after all, while a synthetic form of testosterone Cypionate is still testosterone and the body will not know any difference.

As Cypionate is pure testosterone this is precisely why it is so often used to treat low testosterone conditions. Low testosterone is a condition millions upon millions of men worldwide suffer from and it is a condition that will tremendously diminish one’s overall quality of life. Thankfully, just as Cypionate protects the athlete who supplements with anabolic steroids it will provide the low testosterone patient exactly what he needs in-order for his body to function properly.

Of course, Cypionate is not without problems, there are possible side effects, but they are extremely easy to control. For the low testosterone patient it’s highly unlikely the side effects of Cypionate will be a problem. For the low testosterone patient, he is merely replacing what he is lacking and nothing more. Where the side effects of Cypionate can be potentially problematic is with performance enhancing level doses. With performance level doses, we are going above and beyond what our body can or ever has naturally produced so that there is more testosterone to do what testosterone does best. Unfortunately, if we’re not careful this can lead to problems; however, each and every problem is 100% avoidable when use is undertaken by a healthy adult male in a responsible manner.

With all of these things in mind, we want to take a direct look at Testosterone Cypionate. We want to look at what this hormone is what benefits it can provide and of course how we can use it while avoiding adverse effects. We’ll even go as far into looking at cycle and dosing plans, and the information you’ll need when it comes time to make a purchase. In short, by the time we’re done you’ll be able to decide if Cypionate is for you.